Custom Engineered Equipment

CEE provides exceptional land clearing capabilities. Our grapple rake, severe duty ripper*, and patent-pending screening bucket can clear land better and faster for building or farming applications. In addition, we manufacture and offer John Deere 8850 Repower kits.

Because our roots are in farming, we have extensive technical knowledge and hands-on experience operating and maintaining equipment. The products we offer were conceptualized and developed on the family farm to eliminate the tedium of what seemed to be never ending chores. These innovative products and services address tasks where solutions have not yet been established or are not economically justified with the equipment presently available for small to medium size operations.  

The productivity and reliability of these products have been proven and are worthy to offer to others as products designed specifically for one’s own machine, equipment for rental/lease or as a custom service.

For more information, our contact information is:

2887 Gaines Rd
Albion, NY  14411
CEE @ rochester.rr.com

*Ground Clearing Apparatus U.S. Patent No. 7,913,431